Do Chinese Cell Phones Really have Backdoors?

I know you’re probably enthralled by all things Chinese. But, hold on a sec.  Look what those sneaky rascals have been able to pull off without us ever noticing.

The only problem is that someone noticed.

So, now, I have to tell you.  The Chinese sold us an Android phone with a backdoor access so that they could get any and all of YOUR private and personal information.

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How to Participate in Forums

Facebook has been described as a modern day forum.  It seems, however, that a lot of us do not know how to behve in a forum.  Forums have their own rules and etiquette and participants are expected to fit in.

This article by Jason Falls the way(s) to participate in forums and the benefits we can derive from the participation.

How Primitive: a Hand Written Note

What goes around, comes around.  Now, the latest thing is a handwritten note.  I’ve only begun to move into the email era.

I’m not sure my handwriting would be appreciated.  Mine is not quite as bad as a physician’s  But I may be in close competition.

Do you think this may become the next trend?

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Google Places: Do You Hide Your Address?

Is your local business listed on Google Places? Do you serve your customers at your business location? If not, you should NOT show your address. This seems opposite to what we previously understood. Doing so will likely lower your ranking, but not doing so could get you de-listed.

On March 22nd the official Google Places Quality Guidelines were updated to include the following language:

If you don’t receive customers at your location, you must select the “Do not show my business address on my Maps listing” option within your dashboard. If you don’t hide your address, your listing may be removed from Google Maps.

For further clarification, Google defines the following business models and what you should show:

Type A
Your business is brick-and-mortar and serves all customers at its location. Show your address.

Type B
Your business is home-based and serves some customers at your home and some on the road. Show your address and use the Service Radius tool.

Type C
Your business is home-based and does not serve any customers at your home. Hide your address.

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Improve Your Ranking in Google Places

A new company, Bizible studied ranking factors in Google Places.

Top 5 Factors For Improving Ranking For Pages In Integrated Results
Integrated results are those associated with pins on the map.

1. The Places page category matches a broader category than that of the search (search for “pizza”, Places category = restaurant).

2. The search category appears in the business name (“Rocky’s Pizza” for a “Reno pizza” search).

3. The search category appears in the “at a glance” section.

4. Google reviews improved ranking. Five or more helped the most.

5. Having photos.

Other Factors For Improving Ranking For Pages That Are Not In Integrated Results

Having the search city in “at a glance”.

Having the search category or a synonym in in review content.

Having the search category or a synonym in the business description.

The primary category matches the search category.

Having a secondary business category that was a broader category than the search category. i.e. secondary category is “restaurant” when searching for “Reno pizza.”

Owner verified improved page ranking.

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Business Use of mobile Increasing

Business Use of mobile devices is increasing. More small businesses are using mobile and smart phones to promote their businesses and bring more customers. Even the RGJ has taken note.