Canada Farmer Finds Novel Use for QR Codes

The Kraay Family Farm in Lacombe, Alberta has now created a corn maze for 13 years. This year they even included a QR code that connects to the farm website when scanned from the air. This just happens to be the world’s largest QR code, as verified by Guinness. The code is over 300,000 Sq ft and is about 114 times larger than the previous record holder.

QR Code Inside a 15 Acre Corn Maze

And, yes. My phone scanned the photo and it went to the farm website. It seemed to take a long time, I think, because some of the maze was in shadows from clouds.


Mobile SEO the Winners Way

If you’ve looked at most websites on a mobile device, aka cell phone you noted that the site is not easy to view on your phone.  In fact you night say it’s down right difficult.  If you want to see it all you must scroll away with a vengeance.

In a guest post on Bryson Meunier examined the top 100 sites and how they handled mobile.

His findings were that 60% had a separate mobile site and redirected the mobile visitor to the mobile site.Top Sites User of Mobile

The bottom line is that the big players have decided to treat mobile separately and it seems to be a winning strategy.

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GM Focused Facebook Ads on Iran, Not U.S.

In an earlier post on this blog we discussed how GM had pulled its $10Million marketing budget from Facebook.  This, incidentally, happened shortly before the Facebook IPO and may have ultimately affected the price of the stock offering.

Now we learn that it appears GM didn’t have a clue about what it was doing.  GM’s most popular city was Tehran, Iran.  How could that be?  perhaps GM was buying cheap advertizing to get high numbers.  But few, if any of the folks in the middle East are likely to buy a GM automobile.

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Can Facebook Beat Google?

Now that The Facebook IPO is over and done, questions arise about whether Facebook is really the giant killer some thought a few months back.

Here is an infographic from that compares Facebook and Google.

In either case, I think they are both good tools for marketing.  What do you think?

Facebook and Google Advertising

How Primitive: a Hand Written Note

What goes around, comes around.  Now, the latest thing is a handwritten note.  I’ve only begun to move into the email era.

I’m not sure my handwriting would be appreciated.  Mine is not quite as bad as a physician’s  But I may be in close competition.

Do you think this may become the next trend?

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Google Places: Do You Hide Your Address?

Is your local business listed on Google Places? Do you serve your customers at your business location? If not, you should NOT show your address. This seems opposite to what we previously understood. Doing so will likely lower your ranking, but not doing so could get you de-listed.

On March 22nd the official Google Places Quality Guidelines were updated to include the following language:

If you don’t receive customers at your location, you must select the “Do not show my business address on my Maps listing” option within your dashboard. If you don’t hide your address, your listing may be removed from Google Maps.

For further clarification, Google defines the following business models and what you should show:

Type A
Your business is brick-and-mortar and serves all customers at its location. Show your address.

Type B
Your business is home-based and serves some customers at your home and some on the road. Show your address and use the Service Radius tool.

Type C
Your business is home-based and does not serve any customers at your home. Hide your address.

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