4 Tips on How to Make your QR Codes Even More User Friendly

QR Codes in themselves are already user-friendly because they help your offline customers connect with a business’s online presence. By simply scanning a code they are able to connect online to a website, landing page, a video or other web presence instead of writing or memorizing a URL address. However there are some ways a business owner can make their QR Codes even more user-friendly and increase conversions.

1. Make them very visible in your offline marketing material so that they stand out and are easy to scan. For example store front stickers should be about 1 ft square or more so that they can easily be seen from a distance. If you put codes into your newspaper or magazine ads, they should be positioned in a central area of the sales copy and not off in a little corner. A QR code in itself is a call to action to do something so make sure it is not invisible and difficult to scan.
2. Make your QR Codes visually stimulating and eye-catching by using color. Instead of just sticking to the plain black and white, you can try using other colors. For example, you can use your business colors or colors that relate to the theme of your marketing message. This packs more visual punch and creates more curiosity from your customers.
3. It is always safe to assume that not everyone knows exactly what QR Codes are. Despite their obvious benefits, QR Codes have not caught mainstream attention like they have in Europe and Japan. Therefore it is best to educate people so that they know what to do when the see your QR Code. You can include instructions that explain that one needs to download a free QR Code reader from their mobile app store and then use that to scan the code using their mobile phone camera.
4. Finally one should make sure that the destination pages are mobile friendly. If your website or landing pages are not mobile friendly, it will be difficult for mobile users to read the information on their small mobile screens. The same goes for videos. Upload them to YouTube that already has mobile friendly versions of all uploads rather than just hosting the video yourself. Facebook and Twitter are already mobile friendly so any directs to them will be readable.

These 4 tips should help you make your QR Codes more user-friendly and improve your sales.


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