Local Marketing and QR Codes

Welcome, and I don’t understand why this looks the way it does, but I’ll go ahead anyway.

I suppose that this might seem a bit too elementary.  But, a business needs customers.  And getting customers usually entails some form of marketing.  

Do you remember when we would actually look for a business or service in the Yellow Pages?  And can you recall the last time you have actually used the yellow pages, – other that as a paper weight, that is?

Today a large portion of any marketing occurs on-line.  It may even blend online and offline techniques.  Mobile marketing is becoming a lot more important.  Customers don’t even acces the web using computers.  Their contact comes via their mobile devices, such as cell phones, and tablets, i.e. iPads.

That mobility brings another change to the business that thought that a web page might be what they need to do next.  Now the quickest way to communicate with the next prospective customer is with QR codes, a sort-of two dimensional bar code.  

I intend to cover some of the aspects of local marketing using QR codes, including the benefits and pitfalls of QR code marketing.

More on this later.

To demonstrate, scan this image using your smart phone.


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